My guess is you’re here because you’re feeling unsatisfied and confused about your next steps. 

Oftentimes people wonder what took them so long as lifelines up with your decision.

Without a good inner foundation, you’re not going to be able to create the successful, prosperous and happy life or career you desire.

Right now, more than any other time in our Earth’s history, our experience of life has changed and continues to change. Isn’t it time you said “Yes” to yourself?

That’s where I come in. I’m an intuitive spiritual advisor who holds space as you step away from self-doubt to become your true authentic self. We do this through:

These are the foundations to help you transform from a your greater self to living a bigger life. And along the way you will learn to trust your inner knowing, to become resilient and trust your own intuitive instincts in business and in life. So you can transform your life from the inside out confidently making decisions for yourself, fulfill your lifelong dreams, and living a life that brings you joy.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein


Do you feel like you have lost your way and don’t know what direction to go in? Consider this, you’re not Lost you’ve just been Misplaced!

With instant gratification at our fingertips we change the TV channel to see what we are missing out on. We  read books that now have short chapters so as to quickly consume the plot of the story. Texting vs calling family and friends have become the norm. With all this fast pace information floating around our brains and body we have a tendency to be disconnected from what is happening around us but mostly within us.

Gaining clarity is shifting down through all the thoughts and emotions until you get to the core belief of who you are, the gifts you have to share and the courage to do so.


How often do you feel overwhelmed? Worn out and in a mood? You don’t know what to do next or where to turn

It’s like when you have too many windows open on your laptop and the whole system is about to crash if you don’t do something, NOW!

Yet it often isn’t until we reach that overload point that we stop to take stock of our life, we unplug.

Awareness is the pause between inhale and exhale. The place where you stop long enough to ask yourself questions instead of reacting in the same way or form that you always have.

“Is this true for me?”, ask yourself and allow your heart to answer without the mind stepping in and you will discover the answer.

It’s time to be aware how much inner power you have been giving away to others. 

It’s a time to reclaim your own inner strength and guidance that develops with personal awareness.  It’s time to follow your destiny.


What would a meaningful, exciting and prosperous life look like to you?

How natural would it feel to share your passion with the world?

While this might feel exciting to explore, it may also feel scary or overwhelming.

Every day our brain processes about 70, 000 thoughts per day and it is said that 70% of those thoughts are negative.

You might have found yourself having these negative thoughts:

  • I’m not good enough to follow my passion.
  • I’m not worthy to show the world my talents.
  • Who do you think you are?
  • What will others think?
  • You will fail if you take this path.

If you truly want to free yourself and incorporate positive thoughts then change your perception, starting with yourself.

This is your invitation to go from “This is how it’s always been” to “I’m going to create my future now.” Don’t let your old patterns and habits hold you back from moving forward toward  balanced, confident, and fulfilled work and personal life.

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Three steps to living the life you are called to, CAP


Get clear on what you desire in life. Clarity helps you emotionally, mentally and physically move in a direction of what you most desire.


As you move in a new direction, old patterns and habits will seep in to keep you stuck in the life you know. Awareness comes when you recognize these outdated patterns and habits through how you think and feel, plus it allows you to see new opportunities.


Perception- becoming more of who you are in this world shifts your view of life, cultivates mastering your mind and creates the you that you envision.

You need more than just a mindset change, you need to transform the old you into a new self-identity.

Incremental application of clarity, awareness and perception will lead to successful steps forward with self confidence that ultimately help you to create your most  prosperous life

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